We’re Europe’s leading online platform for premium resale and overstock children’s goods.
We’re also parents and caregivers who want to give our little ones the very best.

Kindora was founded to connect our community with better-than-new children’s items from the brands we know and trust. This allows items that would otherwise go unused — such as cots, strollers, toys and highchairs — to live longer in new, happy homes.

Our curated collection consists exclusively of premium children’s brands that are built to last. Yes, we’re picky about our brands, but we’re unapologetically so; being choosy about what we will and won’t add to our collection gives you the same reassurance from buying resale as from buying new.


And for the peace of mind you deserve, we personally screen and clean every item before you receive it, ensuring there is never any compromise on quality and safety.

Kindora also offers overstock items if you prefer to buy new. These are sourced directly from our trusted retail partners and have never been used. They may be ex-display, have an open box, or simply be in last season’s colour; by selling these items on Kindora, we can reduce the number of items that would otherwise gather dust in warehouses or be sent to landfill, while offering you excellent prices that aren’t available elsewhere.

We want to play our part in changing how we consume for good, so we can all tread more lightly on our little ones’ favourite planet. After all, it’s the only one they’ll ever have.

We hope you’ll join us.

Sarah Ouellette