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Loop Toys provides your family with a sustainable alternative to buying your child toys they will
quickly outgrow or just not play with! Don’t buy subscribe!

You borrow, they play, we swap and take the old box away.

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Sustainability is at the heart of Loop Toys, and we believe that through subscribing and sharing we
can support families in reducing the number of toys purchased, reuse toys by sharing through the
Loop Library and then with the promise that at the end of a toys very long and shared life, we will
recycle as many toys as possible through Terracycle or local recycling centres.

Our monthly subscription service offers you a curated selection of toys that are age appropriate to
support your child’s development and interests. In each box you will receive 3 to 4 toys which have
been bought to last and share, allowing you to subscribe to our service knowing that you’ll get the
highest quality toys for your child to play with.

When you join Loop Toys you subscribe to a minimum 3 month package for €30 a month, delivery
and returns are free and there are no hidden charges and costs. We make deliveries twice a month
allowing us to maximise the sharing of toys from the Loop Library, and deliver them to you cleaned
and ready to play with – no hunting for batteries or building tricky items. At the end of the month
simply put the toys back in the same box and call our logistics partner and they will collect the box
and return it to us, we even send you a reminder email when the return is due! A few days later we
send you the next box.