Kindora Compares:  Adaptable Chairs


Adaptable high chairs are some of the most requested items on Kindora.  In fact, we sell a preloved Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for 80% of the original price every single week.


Recently, we added a gorgeous new alternative to the Stokke:  the Charlie Crane TIBU.  We’ve compared two great options for chairs that will grow with your baby from newborn right through childhood.  Both are either available now on or are often added to the collection- but they sell fast!


Stokke Tripp Trapp 

The classic Stokke chair doesn’t go out of style and is a great investment for any family.  A range of colours and add ons make this last for up to age 10 (and beyond!).

We’re not thrilled that most of the additional bits are made of plastic but given the high rate of resale value we love seeing them sold on to new families to make up for that.








Things we love:

  • Easy to assemble if you need to
  • Adaptable to grow with your baby to 7 years of age
  • Additional parts such as padding, etc… can be purchased new or preloved easily
  • Retains resale value for years, fetching up to 80% of RRP (see our listing for an original Tripp Trapp model)


Things we don’t love:

  • Doesn’t fold away or store easily out of sight (but that’s not a huge deal in our book)
  • Doesn’t blend in with decor very well 


Charlie Crane TIBU

We’re huge fans of French brand Charlie Crane, particularly the gorgeous LEVO rockers.  Their adaptable TIBU chair wins many points for look, in fact it fits in well with Scandinavian style better than some of the Scandi brands.







What we love: 

  • The sleek style is a winner in our book
  • Adaptable with tray, harness and padding components that can be purchased via Charlie Crane
  • Can be used right through childhood, however no newborn attachments at the moment
  • Table height so can be used at family dining table
  • They are like hens teeth to find preloved so keep an eye on for them.  That also means a higher resale value!


Things we don’t love:

  • Not very easy to assemble.  Not a major issue if you’re not planning to take apart but worth noting
  • Price point is higher than the Tripp Trapp (when bought new RRP €330)


Our verdict:


They both work well as chairs you’ll get great value from for years.  If design and understated look to blend in with your dining area is a priority, the Charlie Crane TIBU is a must.  The resale value is also a major advantage as these will retain their value for many years to come.


If function from newborn right through childhood is the key factor, you can’t go wrong with the Stokke Tripp Trapp.