Kindora is a wonderful place to buy and sell premium pre-loved goods for your kids. But did you know we also rent a selection of sought-after items by the month? From advanced smart cots to wireless breast-pumps, these useful pieces are often hard to find in local retailers. Here’s five other great reasons to give renting a try:


#1: You don’t know what you don’t know

Many of the items on your baby list are essentials that you know you’ll need, you know will suit you, and you know you’ll use. Some aren’t. Wireless Elvie breast pumps, for example, work brilliantly for some women and just don’t work at all for others. Buying is an expensive way to find out which camp you’re in. When you rent – if it doesn’t work for you, you just give it back after the first month. (P.S. the high contact parts of these items are replaced between rentals – the cups on a breast pump, the sheets on a Snoo cot for example. And all the other parts are given a hospital-grade cleaning.)


#2: Sleeeeeep! 

Related to the first point, but worth calling out separately: no two babies sleep the same way. And items that work well for one baby and their enigmatic sleep patterns, may not suit the next baby – even in the same family. Renting gives you the flexibility to adjust to each new insomniac in your life. By renting a cot rather than buying one, for example, you can try out the fabled Snoo smart sleep system, without being tied to it.


#3: Money, down.

The average expenditure on a baby in the first year of their life is a whopping €9,000. Those bills, they grow up so fast! And many of these items are outgrown before the balance on your credit card is cleared. Kindora can easily help to reduce that expense by more than half. We’re experienced parents ourselves, and we’ll happily advise you what you should probably buy new, what you should buy with us, and what you should consider renting.


#4: Buy less and enjoy more.

This is a refrain you’ll hear in more and more areas of life, from food to fashion. And with Kindora we’re making it an easy principle to follow in relation to your kid’s things too. Renting is a big part of it. By renting items that you know you will only need for a short time, you can enjoy the very best quality without the big expense.  


#5: You’re not alone.

Kindora is not just a marketplace, it’s a community. We’re here to help you with advice and recommendations about the right choices for your child. As experienced parents, we know that flexibility is absolutely fundamental. That’s why we wanted to rent out some big ticket items – so that if your choice doesn’t work out, we can help you try something else with a minimum of wasted money or effort. 


If you’ve got questions or ideas about our items to rent – or anything else at Kindora – we’d love to hear from you at