Frequently Asked Questions

What do you sell and what don’t you sell?

We sell a select range of premium pre-loved babies’ and children’s goods.

We specify ‘premium’, not because we are brand snobs but because we are quality snobs. We only deal in products that are well designed and made to last, using safe and high quality materials. And our proprietary cleaning and screening process offers a further assurance of this quality.

We sell strollers, buggies, prams and systems; cots, cradles and play pens (but not mattresses, sheets or blankets); nursery furniture such as chests of drawers, toy storage and rocking chairs; and all kinds of toys except soft toys (and with a preference for wooden toys).

If you’re unsure, just drop us a message and we’ll be back to you very quickly.

Why sell with Kindora?

That’s two questions in one… cheeky! First of all, why sell? Because the alternative is probably the attic, the shed, or the recycling centre. Selling saves you from excess clutter, unlocks the residual value in many of the items you’re finished with, and is far better for the environment. And why Kindora? Unlike eBay, Facebook Marketplace etc., we only sell premium babies’ and children’s goods, and we clean and screen every item. So buyers trust us, and are willing to pay more for the Kindora experience.

I have my eye on something I like but what is the difference between “preloved” and “never used” products?

Preloved are high quality used products made available by their families. They are vetted twice before they reach new owners; once virtually before listing and then physically after purchase. They will have to meet our exacting standards before shipping to you and closing the transaction.

Never used are products from retail partners that can be overstock or open box (e.g. display) models. These have never been used, will be fully tagged, and come with warranty cover unless stipulated. 

How long do orders take to arrive?

Typically, 7-10 days from the moment you purchase. That’s probably a little slower than buying brand new – but that’s because every item passes through our workshop on its way from its current owner to its lucky new owner. In our workshop, your item is meticulously cleaned and screened, packed up with love and care, and dispatched to its new home.

If I’m selling, how do I get my item from my home to the Kindora workshop?

We offer three simple options, and the choice is all yours. 

  1.   You can print our label, use your own packaging, and drop the item to your local post office. (We’ll just subtract the postage costs from the money you make.)
  2.   We’ll send you environmentally friendly packaging, and a label; you pack it up and drop the item to your post office. (We’ll subtract packaging + postage costs.)


  1.   We’ll come and collect the item directly from you. No packaging, no post office, no broken fingernails 🙂 This service costs more than 1 or 2 – we’ll give you an exact quote once you list your item.

Finally – if you’d like to drop your item directly to our workshop, we’re happy to oblige. And needless to say, we’ll charge you nothing for that option.

Do you use sustainable packaging materials?

Yes we do. All our cardboard is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again once you’re finished with it. Inside the box, the material we use to protect your items is either biodegradable (so you can put it in your brown bin) or recyclable. All of the cleaning materials we use in our workshop are environmentally friendly – if you’d like to know the details, just drop us a note. We calculate how carbon is used in transporting goods to and from our workshop, and pay for tree planting to offset that. Finally, all of our boxes make excellent playhouses… just add a little imagination 🙂

How does payment work? How much commission do you charge? Who pays it?

Buyers pay the price listed on our marketplace, plus a delivery charge. We don’t list the delivery charge upfront, because it varies depending on where the buyer lives.

Sellers on average receive 70% of that sale price. The actual figure will depend on the cost of getting your item to our workshop, and the costs of cleaning and screening once it’s there. We are very transparent and honest about our fees. As soon as you add an item to our marketplace, we’ll tell you how much you stand to make.