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Kindora Compares: Adaptive High Chairs

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Kindora Compares:  Adaptable Chairs


Adaptable high chairs are some of the most requested items on Kindora.  In fact, we sell a preloved Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for 80% of the original price every single week.


Recently, we added a gorgeous new alternative to the Stokke:  the Charlie Crane TIBU.  We’ve compared two great options for chairs that will grow with your baby from newborn right through childhood.  Both are either available now on Kindora.shop or are often added to the collection- but they sell fast!


Stokke Tripp Trapp 

The classic Stokke chair doesn’t go out of style and is a great investment for any family.  A range of colours and add ons make this last for up to age 10 (and beyond!).

We’re not thrilled that most of the additional bits are made of plastic but given the high rate of resale value we love seeing them sold on to new families to make up for that.








Things we love:

  • Easy to assemble if you need to
  • Adaptable to grow with your baby to 7 years of age
  • Additional parts such as padding, etc… can be purchased new or preloved easily
  • Retains resale value for years, fetching up to 80% of RRP (see our listing for an original Tripp Trapp model)


Things we don’t love:

  • Doesn’t fold away or store easily out of sight (but that’s not a huge deal in our book)
  • Doesn’t blend in with decor very well 


Charlie Crane TIBU

We’re huge fans of French brand Charlie Crane, particularly the gorgeous LEVO rockers.  Their adaptable TIBU chair wins many points for look, in fact it fits in well with Scandinavian style better than some of the Scandi brands.







What we love: 

  • The sleek style is a winner in our book
  • Adaptable with tray, harness and padding components that can be purchased via Charlie Crane
  • Can be used right through childhood, however no newborn attachments at the moment
  • Table height so can be used at family dining table
  • They are like hens teeth to find preloved so keep an eye on Kindora.shop for them.  That also means a higher resale value!


Things we don’t love:

  • Not very easy to assemble.  Not a major issue if you’re not planning to take apart but worth noting
  • Price point is higher than the Tripp Trapp (when bought new RRP €330)


Our verdict:


They both work well as chairs you’ll get great value from for years.  If design and understated look to blend in with your dining area is a priority, the Charlie Crane TIBU is a must.  The resale value is also a major advantage as these will retain their value for many years to come.


If function from newborn right through childhood is the key factor, you can’t go wrong with the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

The 2021 Ultimate Sustainable Baby Edit

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Introducing the ultimate sustainable baby gift edit for new parents, carers, proud aunties and new uncles.

3 Irish businesses collaborate to create the perfect baby gift edit AND it’s sustainable…The aim is to reshape how we shop for newborns – less plastic, less waste and supporting Irish.

Sharon Keilthy is the founder of Jiminy.ie Ireland’s eco toy store, Sarah Ouellette is the founder of Kindora.shop Europe’s marketplace to rent, buy, and sell premium preloved baby and kids goods and Pat Kane is the founder of reuzi.ie Ireland’s one-stop shop for eco-friendly, sustainable products. Together they have combined their stores, their knowledge and experience to create the ultimate sustainable gift edit.


But why…


Sharon: “When I was pregnant my friend sent me a list – 2 or 3 pages of a Microsoft Word document – and I just bought everything on it. Half of it I never used or used very briefly. We also gratefully received 3x more gifts than we could use, including a lot of plastic. So I’m excited to help parents-to-be, and our babies’ planet, with adorable, useful, and sustainable options for bundles of joy without bundles of waste: natural materials instead of plastic, reusables instead of disposables, and borrowed or pre-loved instead of new.”


Sarah: “When we started buying for our daughter before she was born we found the items we loved were the equivalent to luxury items: incredibly well made, gorgeous design and we loved collecting them. But, when we outgrew them after only a few months we realised they are made for a lifetime so should be passed onto parents who can get as much love from them as we did. Kindora wants to make it easy for new parents to find beautiful, useful preloved items without the hassle.


Pat: “After becoming a mom for the first time, I started to notice the amount of rubbish we were going through every day rising at an alarming rate – from plastic wraps and bottles, to random boxes and let’s not forget about the hundreds of nappies! Adding to that, all the gifts we kindly received from friends and family – a lot of which our baby never got to wear/use! reuzi is my way of contributing to a better world. You can get really sucked into bad news and apocalyptic stuff and feel like you will never be able to change what’s coming or… You can choose to do better, try harder and potentially create a positive chain reaction for those around you.”


Jiminy.ie Products

Kindora.shop Products 

  • Snoo rental – Renting gives flexibility for new parents and the Snoo is the world’s leading smart cot so everyone can get more precious sleep. Newborns outgrow co-sleepers, moses baskets and cribs fast so why buy when you can rent the best for as long as you need. Rent for €100/month https://kindora.shop/products/furniture/sleep/snoo-smart-sleeper/ 
  • Preloved pram/buggy – Buying a preloved pram saves over 1000 disposable coffee cups worth of waste.  This is on top of the huge cost savings.  Choose from a curated selection in top condition, either preloved or overstocked (unused!). Prices starting fron €120 https://kindora.shop/product-category/prams-and-strollers/ 
  • Preloved Artipoppe baby carrier-  When it comes to baby carriers, style and safety doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Artipoppe Zeitgeist carriers are a wishlist item for many new parents and buying preloved reduces cost and waste.  Bonus: most come in the original packaging for added unboxing thrills. €290 https://kindora.shop/products/newborn-essentials/artipoppe-zeitgeist-black-zebra/

reuzi.ie Products


All products listed are available from Jiminy.ie, Kindora.shop and reuzi.ie. Gift vouchers are also available. 


A simple guide to selling on Kindora

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Kindora’s mission statement is “to help pre-loved baby products find a second life!”

Our goal is to help buyers find the best quality products they need for their baby, and sellers get a price that reflects the care they have shown their products!

We make sure what we list adheres to the highest standards, based on:

  • Age
  • Condition
  • Brand / model
  • Demand

Below we see how these come together to help us create an ecosystem where buyer and seller are confident they are getting value,  great products get another life, and our environmental impact is reduced!





Kindora X Flying Elephant

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We’ve teamed up with Irish creative success story, Flying Elephant,  to offer a made on demand range of kids and family items.  Each item is 100% made to order in Ireland so no mass production waste or overstock. 

The items arrive flat packed, are easy to assemble without tools and ready to play with in minutes.  


Get your little ones into the kitchen with this Toddler Sous Chef station https://kindora.shop/products/play/souschefstep/





Let their imagination run wild while you keep their books, crayons and everything else aligned with this unique animal shaped utility storage station. https://kindora.shop/products/play/animalstorage/

Calling all artists with our flat pack, fully collapsible wooden easel. Another perfect creative gift that doesn’t require a screen. Create your own portrait or landscape with any view you want! https://kindora.shop/products/play/woodeneasel/


Items will be added to this range and if there’s an item you’d love to have made, get in touch!

Five Reasons to Rent For Your Baby

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Kindora is a wonderful place to buy and sell premium pre-loved goods for your kids. But did you know we also rent a selection of sought-after items by the month? From advanced smart cots to wireless breast-pumps, these useful pieces are often hard to find in local retailers. Here’s five other great reasons to give renting a try:


#1: You don’t know what you don’t know

Many of the items on your baby list are essentials that you know you’ll need, you know will suit you, and you know you’ll use. Some aren’t. Wireless Elvie breast pumps, for example, work brilliantly for some women and just don’t work at all for others. Buying is an expensive way to find out which camp you’re in. When you rent – if it doesn’t work for you, you just give it back after the first month. (P.S. the high contact parts of these items are replaced between rentals – the cups on a breast pump, the sheets on a Snoo cot for example. And all the other parts are given a hospital-grade cleaning.)


#2: Sleeeeeep! 

Related to the first point, but worth calling out separately: no two babies sleep the same way. And items that work well for one baby and their enigmatic sleep patterns, may not suit the next baby – even in the same family. Renting gives you the flexibility to adjust to each new insomniac in your life. By renting a cot rather than buying one, for example, you can try out the fabled Snoo smart sleep system, without being tied to it.


#3: Money, down.

The average expenditure on a baby in the first year of their life is a whopping €9,000. Those bills, they grow up so fast! And many of these items are outgrown before the balance on your credit card is cleared. Kindora can easily help to reduce that expense by more than half. We’re experienced parents ourselves, and we’ll happily advise you what you should probably buy new, what you should buy with us, and what you should consider renting.


#4: Buy less and enjoy more.

This is a refrain you’ll hear in more and more areas of life, from food to fashion. And with Kindora we’re making it an easy principle to follow in relation to your kid’s things too. Renting is a big part of it. By renting items that you know you will only need for a short time, you can enjoy the very best quality without the big expense.  


#5: You’re not alone.

Kindora is not just a marketplace, it’s a community. We’re here to help you with advice and recommendations about the right choices for your child. As experienced parents, we know that flexibility is absolutely fundamental. That’s why we wanted to rent out some big ticket items – so that if your choice doesn’t work out, we can help you try something else with a minimum of wasted money or effort. 


If you’ve got questions or ideas about our items to rent – or anything else at Kindora – we’d love to hear from you at hello@kindora.shop.


Why we started Kindora

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#1: These things deserve to live on!

It started with a little Charlie Crane rocker. A perfect little wood-and-fabric chair from France – made as beautifully as lots of ‘grown up’ furniture that would naturally last a lifetime. As we looked around our home we saw that our child – not even a year old – was already leaving a trail of lovely, barely-used things like this in her wake. We searched for a marketplace where these good quality items could be bought, sold or even rented. When we didn’t find one, we decided we’d try to create one.


#2: The environmental cost of “brand new” is shocking.

Every item that finds a new home via Kindora means one less “brand new” item is brought into the world. That’s brilliant and it’s just common sense. What is less obvious is just how much resource goes into the manufacture of each new item. As we were doing our research, we worked out that the average new pram requires 16 different materials, and is equivalent to making over a thousand disposable coffee cups. (You can read more about that here soon.) 

Add this environmental cost of a brand new item, to the higher financial cost, and you see the startling true cost of “brand new”. This is why we say that items on Kindora are not just as good as new – they are “better than new”. Every item bought, sold or rented on Kindora has an amazing positive impact on the environment.


#3: Quality? Assured.

Of course, there are lots of ways to buy and sell used items. The trouble is you don’t know who or what to trust. Will the item be as good as they say? How do I pay? Will the other person show up? All of these worries and shortcomings fed into our idea for a different kind of marketplace. For a start, we only stock babies’ and children’s goods – so the search is easier. We only deal in premium, trusted brands, and in items that are suitable for re-use (we don’t carry car-seats, for example, because we can’t be sure enough of their safety). And by far our biggest point of difference: we screen and clean every item before we send it off to its new home. We check it, take it apart, give it a hospital-grade cleaning, and reassemble it. As parents, we knew that’s what it would take to give us peace of mind. So that’s how Kindora works. 


#4: Is there any such thing as ‘spare’ room?

Before Kindora, all of our “kindorable” items had to go somewhere else. A few would go to friends or family, some would go to the recycling centre. Most would end up out in the shed, up in the attic or under the stairs – “for the next baby”. But in 2020 of all years, we knew that all of these ‘spare’ spaces were needed for more urgent purposes: home offices or home schooling for example. Reducing the clutter was another good reason why we started Kindora. They don’t call them Tripp Trapps for nothing 🙂


#5: Money too tight to mention

Babies teach us all that money is NOT the most important thing in life. And yet at the same time… they cost a small fortune. As well as saving the planet, and saving space, we knew Kindora could save a lot of people a lot of money. On average, Kindora users spend half as much, to enjoy items that are better than new.


Christmas Gift Finds for Families of All Kinds

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Looking for a way to make your Christmas shopping more sustainable this year? We’ve handpicked a selection of the best items in our collection to make your Christmas magical without costing a fortune or the earth.  At Kindora, we sell and rent only the best pre-loved baby and kids goods, hospital grade cleaned and screened for quality before they arrive at your door. 


Banwood Balance Bike

Look at that wicker basket?!  This bike is in perfect condition and a gorgeous gift for a little one who is ready for a balance bike.  Retail price is €150, Kindora price is €100.

Pikler Triangle

One of our most asked for items.  This is practically new, built from sustainable wood and perfect for indoor play over the winter.  RRP €200, Kindora price €120



One word: sleep.  The Snoo Smart Sleeper is trusted by parents around the world to help sleep train babies from birth to 6 months.  Celebrities like Beyonce, Kate Hudson and Ashley Graham are fans.  RRP €1000, Kindora rental price is €100 per month (minimum 3 month rental term)

Charlie Crane LEVO

Safe and comfortable for your newborn,  Scandi style for your home to boot. This gently used LEVO chair is a limited edition print.  RRP €229, Kindora price €150


Elvie Breast Pump

This innovative breast pump is wireless, smartphone linked and discreet.   RRP €299 for a single pump.  Kindora price €175 to buy or €75 per month to rent

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo

When you’ve outgrown your single pram, why not rent rather than buy a brand new Bugaboo Donkey 3?  Allows you to try before you commit to buying with a full range of options to use as a single pram if needed.  Once you’re done, simply send it back.  RRP €1100, Kindora price €120 per month

Gift card

We’re adding new items to our collection every day.  Gift vouchers are perfect for parents to be who are starting to buy for their new bub and not sure what they need just yet.